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Even with her sister’s overeager meddling, Maud at some point decides to settle in the Ponyville, moving into a gem cavern around the village
November 13, 2022
Even with her sister’s overeager meddling, Maud at some point decides to settle in the Ponyville, moving into a gem cavern around the village

Even with her sister’s overeager meddling, Maud at some point decides to settle in the Ponyville, moving into a gem cavern around the village

About event The new Current of Maud Pie, Maud meets Pinkie Pie in Manehattan so you’re able to commemorate their annual “Cake Sisters’ Wonder Change Big date”, where it spend date sightseeing along with her and you may replace presents from the sunset. Throughout the lady stay static in Manehattan, Maud primarily expresses need for material-relevant things, and you will she briefly shows a knack getting ice skating.

In gift replace, Maud offers Pinkie a good cardboard container out of cupcake-scented confetti, and you will she receives a separate stone wallet to bring their pet Boulder inside the. Yet not, when she learns you to definitely Pinkie obtained the latest pouch in return for this lady beloved party cannon, Maud returns the new wallet to get the canon straight back. She as well as tells Pinkie one regardless of the she obtains having Cake Sisters’ Shock Swap Day, she will enjoy it a lot of time as it’s provided of love.

Season eight

For the Dependable Friendship, Maud produces their rocktorate when you look at the rock research, plus the name out of “doctor”, and you will considers moving to Ponyville to further this lady knowledge. While the Pinkie shows their exactly what Ponyville offers, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and you will bonds with her more stones and you may kite-traveling.

An excellent flashback regarding event shows that Maud unwittingly assisted Starlight for her road to setting up her community from cutie draw-less ponies, pointing their toward the latest cavern in which she would hold the cutie scratching of their followers.

During the Unusual Bond, through the Sunburst’s visit to Ponyville, Maud will get family that have your making use of their common need for geology. She after support him reconcile that have Starlight Glimmer whenever she feels put aside during his check out.

Seasons eight

Regarding the Maud Couple, Maud introduces Pinkie so you can the girl sweetheart Mudbriar. Their actions and you may quirks really get on Pinkie’s nervousness, to the level in which Pinkie is not able to rationalize exactly how otherwise why Maud likes your. After benefiting from recommendations regarding this lady almost every other sisters Limestone and you will Marble, Pinkie sets with Mudbriar as the he produces Maud pleased, therefore the three celebrate Maud’s birthday celebration with her.

When you look at the Phony It ‘Til You make It, Maud renders a good cameo among the potential ponies Rarity asks to perform this lady Manehattan store, Rareness To you personally. Maud refuses, however, indicates Fluttershy, also to a lowered the amount, Boulder. From the Break up Falter, Maud seems getting together with Mudbriar during the Hearts and you may Hooves Go out (the help of its dogs Boulder and you can Twiggy having a similar time).

In just Principals, Starlight Glimmer uses Maud are a temporary substitute teacher from the the institution out of Relationship. For the Yakity-Sax, Maud transfers every one of Pinkie’s homes back again to this new Cake family members rock farm right down to Pinkie briefly transferring to Yakyakistan. When Pinkie’s relatives attempt to ask the woman what’s going on, she brings excessively-literal approaches to the inquiries.

Better Current Ever

On holiday unique My personal Absolutely nothing Horse Greatest Gift Ever, Maud seems honoring Hearth’s Home heating Eve along with her and you can Applejack’s household, and you will Mudbriar. When Pinkie requires her, Limestone and you will Marble to greatly help the lady choose the greatest provide to possess Twilight, Maud indicates giving the lady a rock, even with Pinkie doubting that Twilight carry out want a rock.

Seasons nine

In the Sparkle’s Eight, Maud seems briefly while the a great “specialist” to help having Twilight’s heist, helping Applejack to break a stone from the selecting the weakest place.

Within the Student Counsel, Maud and Mudbriar throw a member because of their household members so you’re able to enjoy brand new Spring Solstice. Into the team, Terramar comes up, asking for help in search of their brother Silverstream. Inside look, the group come upon a flock off Cockatrices, ultimately causing Mudbriar becoming turned to brick (that produces him more desirable in Maud’s sight). Once Silverstream is, which have tamed an excellent Cockatrice she titled “Edith”, Maud reluctantly asks for Mudbriar become recovered to normal.