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Surprisingly enough, Roman numerals feel simpler (that have quantity lower than unexian anyhow) inside the seximal
January 30, 2023
Surprisingly enough, Roman numerals feel simpler (that have quantity lower than unexian anyhow) inside the seximal

Surprisingly enough, Roman numerals feel simpler (that have quantity lower than unexian anyhow) inside the seximal


Wide variety in the Latin possess her labels to 10, but 0. 0 as several was produced after the slip out of Rome, probably added from the Vatican’s individual Latinist and words including polybenum, machine-gun. 0 would have been notated either since nihil (nothing) or nullus (none). Because of it one, let’s explore nullus.

Now and here it will become a tiny trendy, just like the names for fifteen and you can 20 (DEC11 and you will DEC12) is actually each other dependent away from DEC10, are undecim and you will duodecim. That seximal system is not too decimal-centric, I do believe it might be wiser to ensure they are more six based: bis intercourse (twice six) for 20 and you can unde bis gender (one to down regarding double six) to own 15. not, a keen adverb getting “by the twelves” is available, bisen. I find they way less clunky and much more much easier to own wide variety of dozen you to dozen four when we fool around with undebisen and you may bisen to own 15 and you will 20, respectively.

Having quantity ranging from dozen you to and you may dozen four, we could use the same system on the Latin teens (undecim, duodecim).

(Note the alteration of bisen to bisin for those numbers.)Latin brands to own multiples of 10 always trigger a -ginta suffix, and therefore we could modify as a great -ginsa suffix having seximal.

For loaning nif, it gets challenging, since we have and make right up Latin conditions, and there are not of many Latin terminology one to avoid with F so you’re able to have fun with for example. If so, in place of playing with something such as nifum, nifi (n) otherwise nif, nifis (n), I would instead play with something similar to nifex, nificis, letter.

Multiples out of nif was tricky from inside the Latin, just like the Latin multiples from DEC100 was inconsistent at the best. At exactly the same time, we truly need fifsy-five models out of nifex to get at any type of the comparable to possess unexian might be. In the place of getting into you to definitely furry disorder, we are going to just use next, noting the plural of nifex try nifeca:


(Notice how tres transforms to help you tria when paired with nifeca.)Into -exian collection, as it is taken from an excellent graecolatinish stalk to begin with, it’s not hard to import more than, therefore the origins are exactly the same as well! (Thank you so much, Misali!) We’re going to capture of the final -letter so we do not get it confused with Ancient greek, regardless if.

Roman numerals originally are mainly based from DEC(1, 5, ten, fifty, etcetera.), and that isn’t extremely seximal. To pay, we shall change the program to have it getting based off threes and sixes. We are going to remain 1 while i, and we will keep the root of the system since the X, thus we are going to as well as remain 1 / 2 of the base since V. Very, step three are V and you will 10 try X. Discover one to massive improvement in which numeral system, however: raya dating while using numbers one below the feet or 1 / 2 of the fresh new foot, you familiar with set I in advance of either a great DECV otherwise a DECX otherwise whatnot, nevertheless now once the ft is actually smaller you no longer keeps to do that. Each other II and you will IV is represent dos inside the seximal numerals. II makes the numerals more simple knowing and read, however, IV shrinks him or her eventually. Brand new Romans carry out most likely undertake either variation (it on their own possibly composed low-standard numerals such IIII having five in the place of DECIV), so I’ll record for both comfort. The beds base squared will remain C (nif) and you may 1 / 2 of that will still be L. The base cubed could well be Meters, of course, and you will unexia was my own structure, N. As with the first numerals, indeed there are not one to possess 0 (nullus).

nullus: unus: Iduo: II / IVtres: Vquattuor: VIquinque: VII / IXsex: Xseptem: XI octo: XII / XIVnovem: XVdecem: XVIundebisen: XVII / XIXbisen: XX / XLtriginsa: Lquadraginsa: LXquinquaginsa: LXX / XCnifex: Ctria nifeca: Dsex nifeca: Munexian: Letter